Stained Glass Windows

The design of the stained glass windows facing Landis Avenue has been completed and approved.  This panoramic scene that spans five windows depicts the  Baptism of Jesus.  A poster board of this work is on display in the back of the auditorium.   I think you will agree that it is breathtaking!

Due to website constraints, the complete poster board cannot be viewed as a photo.  To see  a larger and more complete image of the entire poster board, click here.

Oculus Windows

The design of the two round stained glass windows has been completed.  The larger of the windows depicts St. Joseph and Jesus as a young boy.  It will be placed in the upper portion of the wall facing Landis Avenue.   The Holy Spirit window will be placed on the upper wall in the Sanctuary area as shown in the image below.


If you have the opportunity to attend Mass at St. Joseph's, large poster-size images can be seen at the back of the auditorium and in the 45th street foyer of the auditorium.